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Hi All, After talking with EDUCAUSE we have two good options for moving forward with this type of training. 1. We can do it like we did with the Blended and Online Learning CG and do a lot of it on our own, but EDUCAUSE would help promote it. EDUCAUSE would also be able to provide their Adobe Connect room for it. 2. We can do it as part of EDUCAUSE's regularly scheduled EDUCAUSE Live! series. Here EDUCAUSE would also promote it plus provide technical assistance for the presentation along with using their Adobe Connect room. The next available slot for this is Nov 20. I wanted to get some input from people on which way they would prefer. At first the Nov 20 date seemed to far away to me, but in reality I don't know if we could pull all of this together much before then anyways. With summer schedules it would probably be at least September before we could do it anyways. Another possibility is using the Learning Theater at the EDUCAUSE National Conference for a presentation. If you were there last year this is where the CIO and Accessibility video from the University of Washington was debuted. We might be able to use the Learning Theater experience as a springboard for a November training event, or maybe they could pretty much be the same event just presented two separate times. The space was kind of loud last year so I don't know that it's the most conducive environment for in-depth discussion, but there might be something we can do there. If you have any input on this please let me know. Thanks. Greg -- Greg Kraus University IT Accessibility Coordinator NC State University 919.513.4087 ********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at


I think the EDUCAUSE live is a great venue. We can reach an even greater audience than the national conference. Judy Borreson Caruso Director, IT Policy and Planning CIO's Office University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison WI 53706 608-263-7318
I too like the EDUCAUSE Live! venue, and I like the timing. A November 20 date gives us plenty of time to prepare, but even more importantly will give us (and EDUCAUSE) plenty of time to promote the training well in advance.  Since the EDUCAUSE national conference will be just a few weeks prior to that, we could do a lot of promoting at the conference. For example, the CIO constituent group meeting always seems to have triple-digit attendance - it would be great if we could get on their agenda to at least announce the forthcoming training (perhaps we could get one of the IT leaders who's been active in our group to make the announcement).