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Hi All, I mentioned in an earlier email that I'm not available on the first Wednesday of August to facilitate our usual monthly meeting of the IT Accessibility Constituent Group. That's still true - however, with the national EDUCAUSE conference drawing nearer, I'd like to begin the discussion of what the group would like to do at this year's conference. For starters... 1. Our annual constituent group meeting is scheduled for Thursday 11/8, at 4:00pm. This is an opportunity to discuss current and emerging issues related to IT accessibility and to share strategies and best practices. It usually works well to have an open agenda, but if anyone has specific topics they'd like to explore during this time, please let me know. 2. EDUCAUSE is planning to have a theater on the exhibit hall floor for constituent groups to use throughout the conference. They're still in the early stages of planning what to do with that space, and are open to input from us. Any ideas? 3. EDUCAUSE is also planning to have a Constituent Group Lounge, similar to what they had in Philadelphia, but with no A/V. This is envisioned to be an informal place to meet up or hang out - probably not a place where we would schedule formal activities, though we could really do whatever we like with that space. Any ideas? 4. CG Posters will be displayed in the entry areas of the convention center. There is no requirement to staff these posters. They will just use the poster we made for last year unless the content is specifically out-of-date or there is another pressing reason to change it. I think last year's poster will probably be fine but I'll try to dig up an electronic copy to share with the group so we can be sure. If anyone else has a copy, please share. There will also be a new option to participate in a new online “digital” poster gallery - I don't have the details of that yet but will send an announcement when I do. 5. We at the University of Washington are in the final stages of producing a video featuring several CIOs and other IT leaders, as well as university presidents, speaking on the importance of IT accessibility in higher education. I'm working with EDUCAUSE to identify a suitable time and place to debut that video during the conference. Questions? Thoughts? Ideas? Regards, Terrill -- Terrill Thompson Technology Accessibility Specialist DO-IT, Accessible Technology UW Information Technology University of Washington 206-221-4168 ********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at


Hello Terrill, I'll answer your last question about the UW video first.
Could this theater space be an appropriate venue for screening the video?
How about talking to the space organizers about screening this video as  the first theater event?
I am thinking that if they plan to do something formal to break in this space, it  might draw  a good-sized crowd to our video as well.
That's a great idea, Sushil. Perhaps we can get some of the people who participated (there were 12) to attend the screening and offer some additional comments. I'll talk to EDUCAUSE about this. Terrill
For the theater, does each group get it for a specified time, or are we all there at once? If it's it a high traffic area, would we want to try the 10 minute tune up idea there? Greg
My understanding is that each group will schedule time in the theater, although I think they're open to ideas from CG's and will organize the space based on the input they receive. Terrill