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I would recommend joining and following the discussions on Google's own Accessibility listserv,!forum/accessible.  There is QUITE A BIT of discussion around the lack of accessibility to many of Google's products, though the focus tends to be on sight-based accessibility, from both the participants and the Google staff.
As a speech recognition user (i.e. Dragon NaturallySpeaking), I can attest that Google applications such as Chrome and Google Docs are completely inaccessible to me – they don't even recognize the existence of my Dragon NaturallySpeaking, there is no reaction at all when I speak.  I recently asked on the listserv about accessibility of the new Google Chrome lap top computers and their compatibility with speech recognition software. They responded that to their knowledge it was not, I got the sense that they hadn't tested laptops for compatibility. Speaking strictly for myself, the sense I have is that Google does not test their products for accessibility until after production, rather than integrate it during development.  Again that's just my own observation. They do have VPATs for some products, Section 508 VPAT documents to support compliance
Gary M. Morin