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Hi All, We have talked about doing web site evaluations on Thursday of the Annual Conference in the Constituent Group Lounge. This would be an opportunity for anyone to drop in to have their Web site evaluated and to receive constructive feedback. We will advertise this opportunity through several EDUCAUSE lists. A couple of people have said they are willing to help out with this, although, when I sent out the poll I didn't receive any responses as to when people could help. Let me take a different approach. If you are willing to help on Thursday provide accessibility evaluations, please either reply to this message or send me a note off-list. Once we know how many people are able to help out, then we can begin planning when we will staff the room. Thanks. Greg -- Greg Kraus University IT Accessibility Coordinator NC State University 919.513.4087 ********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at


Hi Greg, I'm willing to help. I don't have my final conference schedule nailed down yet, but I'm willing to make time for the CG Lounge whenever possible. Terry Terrill Thompson Technology Accessibility Specialist DO-IT, Accessible Technology Services UW Information Technology University of Washington