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With the thought that one thing keeping our 4-year graduation rate down is the schedule of courses, I’m considering embarking on an analysis of course offerings versus degree requirements.  This would involve running an audit of graduation requirements of current students, then comparing that with the course offerings for the next semester, looking at both which courses are offered and whether courses needed are offered at times that don’t conflict with each other.  Is this something others have tried?  Am I biting off a huge, insurmountable task?

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At the University of Calgary we are taking a slightly different approach as a first try at this.  We are going to attempt to extract the required courses only from the degree audit system by program and then merge it with our student data for continuing and new admits and see which students have the required courses, which students still require them and then offer the required courses at appropriate times and with the required capacities.  This project is in the Business Case stage.    Our next step will be to try what you are proposing.


What you might find is that the complexity of attempting to determine conflict free courses and comparing them to the need could be daunting and without much relevant data although we have never tried this.  Also the key issue is sequencing, while you may determine all of the courses needed based on unfulfilled audit requirements the offerings while available may not meet the need that term unless you audit is designed to provide courses needed by sequence and based on prerequisites met.  We have always found the best predictor of courses needed was the prior like term actual data.  Given the creativity of those in our profession I presume that others have much better ideas and suggestions and await the opportunity to learn from them.  Steve


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