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I am writing to encourage the members of this group to help us become a more involved constituency in EDUCAUSE.  I am pleased to have been a member of this profession and to have observed the creativity and innovation that many of you have created and demanded to make our institutions more successful.  I encourage all members of our profession to use this group for the distribution of great technology ideas and for support as you encounter the considerable challenges we in higher education are managing each day.  If you have a unique idea please share it or if you have a question please ask it.  Your colleagues are very willing to assist with responses they feel are relevant.  EDUCAUSE can be made better by more involvement from our critical constituency and I am ready to assist in getting your thoughts the visibility they deserve.  I look forward to our interaction and I hope to see you at the annual meeting this year during our constituent group meeting.  Thanks, Steve.


Stephen "Steve" J. Pritz, Jr.

Assistant Vice President & University Registrar

 Division of Enrollment Management

222 Criser Hall

University of Florida

Gainesville, Florida  32611



VOICE MAIL: 352-392-9163

or 352-392-1374 ext. 7243

FAX: 352-392-3987


The Office of the University Registrar is very interested in your feedback     regarding our services.  At your convenience please use the following link to provide us your assessment of how we are doing:



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