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We are looking for ideas for a lightweight course management/group tool.  We have a robust distance learning application from Desire to Learn, but many of our faculty have become accustomed to using Course Studio (available as part of the Luminis portal) for simple needs like storing files and emailing their students. 


We are searching for a similar replacement tool we might offer and would like to hear what other schools are using.




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Tools like D2L should also be able to support simple email and file share.  That is where I would push things towards.

We use Instructure Canvas as our LMS and while it is really robust for online,  it works great for file sharing and email.  It even allows students to sign up for alerts via SMS, twitter, Facebook, email.  So while the Instructor might create an announcement or email,  students can choose which methods to receive it by.

Canvas is open source so you can download and play or use their free for teacher hosted option.

Other options are Drupal with appropriate modules installed, and even google docs.  

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