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I’d like to hear from anyone who is currently managing and supporting two (or more) learning management systems on their campus. Which ones, how many support staff, training issues,  integration with portal and SIS/Enterprise admin system, etc.


Thank you


Kent Barclay

Associate Dean of Academic Technology

Endicott College

376 Hale St.

Beverly, MA 01915


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We currently have Jenzabar's eRacer and a self hosted Moodle.  We're also experimenting with Canvas.  
  • We have one person who manages administration of Moodle, including SSO and the integration with our SIS (in addition to a large number of other responsibilities).  He also got our instance of Canvas up and running but there are very few faculty using it at this point as it's a pilot program.  
  • We have a different person who manages just the upgrades to eRacer and monitors the company provided integration.  
  • We have yet another person who handles faculty and student inquiries regarding usage for both systems, though our Helpdesk takes most of the first level calls on this, answering what they can and then escalating what they can't.  
  • We also have an instructional designer who handles much of the training and also fields inquiries from faculty regarding usage of all the systems.
I guess the calculations would be 3 LMSs, roughly 2 support staff and we have integrations for 2 out of 3 of the LMSs.


Melissa Alsing
Executive Director of Information Technology
Seton Hill University
One Seton Hill Drive
Greensburg, PA 15601

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