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Do you have or know of any resources for 360 degree feedback questions as it pertains to a CIO?  I’m looking for questions we can send to internal and external customers, suppliers, and related groups.  Thanks.



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Keith W. McIntosh, MBA
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I can't say too much about the content of questions but I wanted to make you aware that there is a base 360 evaluation in Survey Monkey (under the templates/human resources area).  You can use this and modify as needed.  I helped our president do 360 evaluations on all Cabinet members last semester and it worked very well.  We made some minor modifications based on higher education priorities (e.g. Interaction with Students/Faculty, commitment to the mission of the university, support for the teaching and learning environment, etc.).

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These questions served us quite well this year.  I used them both for myself and my operational Directors.



IT Managers 360 Evaluations



1)       Listens and is receptive to dialog.

2)       Seeks opinions of others before establishing policies or procedures that affect them.

3)       Communicates relevant information to appropriate groups and individuals.

4)       Communicates effectively in email in terms of clarity, tone, and professionalism.

5)       Employs good communication skills when dealing with employees he/she supervises



1)       Is mindful of the resources of the organization and tries to understand the needs of the whole organization and not just his/her area.

2)       Sets reasonable priorities and expectations.

3)       Is able to effectively oversee multiple, ongoing tasks, projects, etc.

4)       Delegates tasks appropriately.

5)       Encourages career and professional development for employees he/she supervises

6)       Makes wise decisions, judgments, and recommendations.



1)       Deals respectfully with others

2)       Cooperates with team members.

3)       Supports and assists others who must carry out difficult or unpopular tasks



1)       Provides and communicates a visionary plan for the university.

2)       Produces quality work.

3)       Delivers solutions within a reasonable timeframe.

4)       Displays knowledge/expertise required for this position.

5)       Is active and motivated to help the organization meet communicated priorities.


Character/Personal Qualities

1)       Acts with your best interest at heart.

2)       I am confident that he/she will follow through with what he/she commits to do.

4)       Earns the trust and respect of those who come in contact with him/her.

5)       Treats employees with respect.

6)       Contributes positively to the institutions image and reputation.

7)       Represents his/her department  in a positive and effective manner.

8)       Is fair when dealing with people regardless of  differences in gender, race, religion or politics.

9)       Is fair when dealing with people regardless of  differences in educational level or position in the organization.


Your Interactions

1)       What is the principal type of contact you have with this manager?

a.        COLLEGIAL: We work together on mutual responsibilities or assignments

b.       SUPERVISORY: My work requires his/her supervision, approval or judgment

c.        SERVICE: This manager provides services that I want or need

d.       INFORMAL: Our contact consists primarily of informal interaction

e.       I choose to omit my response to this question


2)       How often do you have meaningful contact with this manager?

a.        Constantly/Daily

b.       Often/Weekly

c.        Occasionally/Monthly

d.       Rarely



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I dug through our Survey Monkey account and found the survey we used for Cabinet members (the PDF is attached).  Our intent was to have the same survey format for all Cabinet members so the President could compare members using the the same set of metrics.  I could imagine some additional questions for a CIO specific survey related to collaboration, project management, fiscal management, staffing, technology innovation and support, policy development, etc.  Good luck and I hope you are able to share what you come up with so we all can consider improving the surveys at our campuses.