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I know this is out of the realm of CIO’s typically, but do you have a link to your university’s academic policies on online learning initiatives?


Thanks for any info! Have a great day!



Paige Francis, CIO

Fairfield University


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What are some of the issues you are referring to, Paige?  I.P.?  Academic Integrity?  HR/Faculty compensation?  Accreditation?  Governance of and for distance/on line education?

It wouldn't surprise me if there are not a lot of simple link to policy responses to your query.  By asking about these discrete pieces I am suggesting some reasons why there is not yet a comprehensive "policy" on MOOCs or distance/on line learning.  It is more a compilation of governance and policy issues covered in a variety of other "policy" areas.

But it is still a great question and I look forward to hearing from the community!  And the first institution to do a comprehensive policy that incorporates all of these areas, even by reference, wins!

Best, Tracy


Most of these materials are in our portal so they are not readily available outside of the institution. I have been involved in the development of these policies and sit on the Alternative Instructional Deliver Coordinating Committee which developed these policies.  Please let me know if there are any questions or recommendations (recommendations for improvements are always welcome). The first is the overall policy governing online delivery and the second is a newly developed form for faculty wishing to host MOOCs (we are with Canvas Network and Coursesites).