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Have any other universities been contacted by Adobe Software for a software use compliance audit? If so, what has your experience been? What were Adobe's finding's and what was your University's response? In our case Adobe has attempted to find ways to nullify our existing concurrent use license and then bill us for the entire install base, determined by the current executables installed extrapolated to a total of computers owned. Has anyone else run into similar software use audits? Karl Kowalski, Chief information Technology Officer University of Alaska ********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at


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Karl, I do not have experience with Adobe on this but I would immediately engage campus counsel and first see if any agreement, that is appropriately signed and in force, that you have with a vendor asking for this, that permits such audit. I would also ask any such vendor to show demonstrable 'good cause' of abuse versus a fishing expedition or a crude sales/compliance action. I have copied the Software Licensing group, as well. regards, Marg Knox Univ. of Texas System CIO Sent from my iPad