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EDUCAUSE recently posted Understanding and Managing the Risks of Analytics in Higher Education: A Guide (, which was developed for the community by Randy Stiles.


Currently a member of the EDUCAUSE Board of Directors, Stiles serves Colorado College as Special Advisor to the President for Business Analytics, having previously led the institution’s IT and institutional research operations for roughly eight years. This scope of responsibilities allowed him to approach the management of institutional risk in relation to analytics from multiple perspectives, leading to a resource that provides a comprehensive overview of what higher education/IT leaders need to consider and address as they pursue such initiatives:


“This guide provides an introduction to the major risk categories faced by a higher education institution considering investments in time, energy, and money in analytics work. Under the right circumstances, decision making can be enhanced by the tools and techniques of analytics; large data sets, analytics engines, and new data visualization techniques have considerable potential to enhance both student learning and institutional business intelligence. However, careful consideration must be given to the risks of such investments for those in institutional leadership roles as well as the risks associated with data and information governance, compliance, and quality.”


We hope that you find the guide useful in managing analytics discussions and efforts at your institution, and we look forward to your feedback. – Jarret Cummings


Jarret S. Cummings

Policy Specialist




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