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Hi,  we are updating our AUP, and we are interested in anyone who may have language in their AUP which they think effectively addresses the employee personal use issues without completely prohibiting it. We currently are working with this draft wording suggested by a lawyer:


“ Accessing the Internet for personal use is prohibited for employees, except that employees may use the College’s computer system on their lunch, break, and off-duty periods for occasional and incidental personal use which is not otherwise prohibited by this policy. Such personal use must be appropriate; it must not violate the law, interfere with the employee’s work responsibilities, or conflict with the College’s mission. Additionally, employees may not use the College’s computer system for personal gain, for the benefit of a third party, or for activities that are inconsistent with the College’s tax-exempt status (such as political campaigning). Supervisors are authorized to require employees to cease or limit any personal use that interferes with job performance or violates College policy. Personal use of the computer system is a privilege that may be monitored, restricted or revoked at any time.”


There is some concern that the wording is not specific enough with regard to time.


Any links or comments would be appreciated.


Many thanks, - John


John Taylor
Dean of Information Technology


    Cayuga Community College

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While it is not the prettiest policy around,  I have attached our AUP which was just updated. Some areas that hit on what you discuss here are included in the "Unauthorized Uses" area and in the "Inappropriate Uses" area of the policy.  We specifically called out as Unauthorized, "Commercial, profit-motivated or partisan political use not related to University programs" and "Personal use that is excessive or otherwise interferes with job responsibilities or University business" so that may help.  I would add that what we arrived at was a balance to reflect faculty, student and staff concerns, Cabinet and HR interests and the recommendations from counsel.  No one is particularly happy with this policy but no one is particularly ticked off either so we seem to have hit some sort of balance.



We have a pretty good policy that addresses employee personal use.  Our policy is linked below:

Specifically, refer to the section titled User Responsibilities.


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