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Today is the deadline for submitting your Campus Computing Survey response. If you haven't finished, take 30 minutes and provide facts that are readily available or finish off those last few items.  It's time well spent.  Case in point, I had the opportunity to use the survey data in a meeting yesterday to discuss some key issues with faculty senators.  There's no better tool than good data to evoke rational thought and productive dialogue around tense issues and to overcome thought inertia.  As a result, we're moving forward today... - Thanks Casey!  

Steven C Burrell
Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
Georgia Southern University
1770 Southern Drive * Statesboro, GA * 30458
Office: (912) 478-1294
Google Voice: (912) 225-9747
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Mine is in!!!

Dr Robert Paterson 
V. P. I T, Planning & Research Molloy College 

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