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It’s an overly long and wordy and chatty tale, but it’s a good story nonetheless.  I’ve encountered a couple of similar problems in my personal and private use of computers outside of work (my similar problems were long ago, before the term “cloud” was even invented for computing), and I now take some pretty strong measures to assure the backup, security, and integrity of any of my personal data that uses the cloud.


Using “free cloud” services such as Google Apps and Skydrive, etc. without a formal contract seems very different to me than using Software as a Service where you have a formal contracted and paid for provider who is hosting software services in your behalf.  For example, we host our student system for credit courses here on campus on our own servers, and our student system for non-credit courses is hosted in the cloud by a Software as a Service provider with whom we have a contract and whom we pay for the service. I’m equally happy with both arrangements.  But I don’t think I would be equally happy if we were using Google Apps or Skydrive (for example) for truly mission critical applications without some sort of contract and guaranteed service level.  And a contact person that we know and that knows us and whom we can call on the phone!




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