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Dear All,
If your institution has a person responsible for online learning initiatives, or continuing education which is provided in multiple formats, or "distance learning," what is that person's title, to what position does s/he report, and what is the scope of responsibility?

To what office/individual does the effort for developing faculty skills in teaching with technology, and/or teaching online report? Does that responsibility roll up to the CIO, "distance learning" office, or elsewhere in the institution?

While some of this information is in the CDS, I don't think it answers my questions in full.

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V. Ena Haines
Director of Information Technology
Teachers College, Columbia University
525 West 120th Street
New York, NY

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Hi Ena,

Would you like to also post this question to the Blended/Online Constituent Group?


Ellen Marie Murphy
Executive Director of Curriculum and Learning Systems

I would also be interested in this information.


Jennifer Vandever
Associate Vice Chancellor
for Information Technology
and Chief Information Officer
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville



In our recent e-learning survey, we asked “Which best describes how e-learning services are managed at your institution?” which I think provides some context for your second question.


35% said program run by central IT services

8% said program run by continuing ed

17% Said program run by dedicated e-learning center separate from  central IT services
23% said program run by dedicated e-learning center that includes central IT services

3% said other and 15% said multiple departments


Associate’s institutions were most likely to have  dedicated e-learning center. Also, institutions with a dedicated e-learning center are more mature in the areas of policies/governance, priority and outcomes assessment.  For more info, please visit our (now publicly available) e-learning hub.





Pam Arroway Senior Statistician

Uncommon Thinking for the Common Good
direct: 303.544.5678 | main: 303.449.4430 |



Our online learning is coordinated by our Learning Enhancement Center,


Sheri Rawls is the Director and she reports to the Provost, as I do also.




David J. Sliman

Chief Information Officer

University of Southern Mississippi

118 College Drive, #5181

Hattiesburg, MS 39406


Office: 601.266.4190