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Hello All,


Our chief archivist and I were briefly chatting about the general difficulty (technical mostly; some intra-departmental / operational) of implementing a digital asset management solution here, on campus, in our data center.


Does anyone on this list have experience choosing to, or not to, use a cloud based digital asset management solution, and are willing to post or share their rationale?  On caveat is that we have “a lot” of video, which, we imagine, will be the biggest storage and / or bandwidth hog, potentially.


Any glowing recommendations or big gotchas?


As always the generous experience of this group is tremendously appreciated.




Scott Helf, DO, MSIT

Chief Technology Officer-COMP

Director, Academic Informatics

Assistant Professor


Department of Academic Informatics

Office of Academic Affairs

College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific

Western University of Health Sciences

309 East 2nd Street

Pomona, CA  91766




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