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I built a blank spreadsheet that has headers in the first two rows that give the variable names (row 1) and the text (row 2) of each question for each of the columns in the .csv download files. That speeds up making sense of data once it's imported. Now that I've admitted this, someone will probably tell me this has already existed in some form or that there was a more clever method. I created a second spreadsheet with the headers transposed so that they run down the page in the two columns. Sometimes this is an easier format to view, especially when comparing ourselves to just one peer institution. Here's a plain-text fragment of what that the cells in the vertical version looks like... VAR QUESTION q101 2. To whom does the highest ranking IT administrator/officer in your institution report? (VP/VC = Vice President or Vice Chancellor)? q101_other_text 2. Other q102 3. Is the highest ranking IT administrator/officer a member of the President's or Chancellor's cabinet? q103 4. What year was the highest-ranking IT administrator/officer appointed to this post? q103_other_long q104 5. What was this person's prior position? etc. If anyone thinks these might be useful (use at your own risk) they are at: Horizontal: Vertical: - David Deputy CIO David Stack, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee