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Dear Colleagues,

    The University of Vermont is preparing to issue an RFP for course evaluation services and systems.  We have a list of 9 vendors, but I thought that some of you might have had a particularly good service/system that you'd like to recommend  (or bad one you'd like to note!). 

    If you've been particularly happy with a course evaluation service or system, please email me (not necessary to send to the list, I think) the name of the company and the email address for a contact, and I'll include that firm in our RFP list.

    Thanks for your help!


    If you have a course evaluation system or service to offer, please email me your contact information and I'll pass it along to our Procurement Office so they can send you a copy of the RFP.  Don't bother to contact me directly for marketing purposes ... we have strict rules against such contact.



Dr. H. David Todd

Chief Information Officer

University of Vermont


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