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Dear colleagues,

I'd be grateful to hear your practices on how you internally use employee contact information for advancement purposes. Are name, address, status, and dates of employment of current and former employees in your advancement database (or, if the same ERP, are they available to your advancement team?).

Like many institutions, we have substantial overlap between the population of current and former employees and those of students, alumni, and donors.  This complicates things (/reduces accuracy) when we send event invitations, newsletters, and solicitations. Particular problems include people being left out, communications being duplicated, and changes of address or status being incompletely applied to our (currently separate) databases. 

Please check one and/or explain:

 __ We have an iron curtain. No personnel contact info is available for Advancement purposes. 

 __ We share information. Advancement has access to employee name, address, and status (current/former, faculty/staff/adjunct) data.

 __ We're somewhere in the middle (details would help!)

If I get more than a couple off-list replies, I'll summarize (preserving anonymity).

Many thanks,


Ethan Benatan, Ph.D.
Vice President for IT & 
Chief Information Officer

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