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And  our final discussion item from the Educause Top 10 IT Issues:

Issue #1: Updating IT Professionals' Skills and Roles to Accommodate Emerging Technologies and Changing IT Management and Service Delivery Models

IT professional development is not necessarily about a programmer learning a new language. The issue is much broader, focusing on the changing way information technology delivers and manages technology services and on how the IT staff must adapt accordingly. Although the CIO's changing role has received much attention in recent years, with the need for CIOs to acquire or enhance their strategic planning, relationship management, and communications skills, many other roles in the IT organization are also evolving in similarly disruptive ways.


Voice over IP, multi-factor identity systems, Groovy, Grails, cloud and license management, app development, HTML5, virtual architectures - you name it, and we are changing the knowledge base needed to successfully deliver the technology.  What's the total cost of needed professional skill updates and how does it compare to your budget for the same?  Look back through our discussions for all the previous issues, and consider the skills needed to implement the items we discussed. 

In particular, are there new roles or new positions are you creating?

While I have your reading attention, I'd also like to take a moment to thank our peers who volunteered their time to be on the Educause IT Issues Panel and develop this terrific list.

2011–2012 EDUCAUSE IT Issues Panel Members

James L. Bingham

Associate Vice Chancellor, Information Resources

The University of Kansas Medical Center

Paul Bishop

Vice President, Information Technology

Santa Barbara City College

Kelley L. Bradder

Vice President for Information Services

Simpson College

Kathy Drumm

Executive Vice President

Central Piedmont Community College

Roger Flahive


County College of Morris

Joseph Gargiulo


Southern Methodist University

Rebecca Gray

Executive Director and CIO, Information Technology Services

Tarleton State University

Allie Hopkins

Senior Manager

Louisiana State University

Tanya Joosten

Director (Interim), Learning Technology Center

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Ann Kovalchick


Drake University

Matthew Maderos

Associate Director of Client Services

Boston University

Michael McPherson

Associate Vice President and Deputy CIO

University of Virginia

Loretta Parham

CEO and Library Director

Atlanta University Center Woodruff Library

Nadine Stern

Associate CIO for Operations and Planning

Princeton University

Joseph Vaughan

CIO and Vice President for Computing

Harvey Mudd College

Ray L. Walker

Associate Vice President for Information Technology and CIO

Utah Valley University

Bo Wandschneider

CIO and Associate Vice Principal, Information Technology

Queen's University

Christopher Watts

Director, Newell Center for Arts Technology

St. Lawrence University

Audrey J. Williams

Director, Educational Technology Services

Pellissippi State Community College


Top-Ten IT Issues, 2012
  1. Updating IT professionals' skills and roles to accommodate emerging technologies and changing IT management and service delivery models
  2. Supporting the trends toward IT consumerization and bring-your-own device
  3. Developing an institution-wide cloud strategy
  4. Improving the institution's operational efficiency through information technology
  5. Integrating information technology into institutional decision-making
  6. Using analytics to support critical institutional outcomes
  7. Funding information technology strategically
  8. Transforming the institution's business with information technology
  9. Supporting the research mission through high-performance computing, large data, and analytics
  10. Establishing and implementing IT governance throughout the institution

Theresa Rowe
Chief Information Officer
Oakland University
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Very well presented Theresa!!! And thanks to the Issues Panel Member for ferreting out the topics….





Dr. Robert Paterson

Vice President – Information Technology, Planning and Research

Molloy College

Rockville Centre, NY