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From: Pierce Cantrell <>
Subject: NSF CC-NIE Grant
Date: November 7, 2013 at 11:24:56 AM EST
To: "Timothy M. Chester" <>


Hope all is going well with you. When we met at EDUCAUSE, I said I would send you our NSF Campus Cyberinfrastructure - Network Infrastructure and Engineering Program (NSF CC-NIE) proposal, which is attached.

I just received an email from the Program Manager at NSF who announced that NSF planning a third round of funding for this program next spring. In the past two years, the proposals have been due on May 30. I will email you the announcement when it comes out, but you could look at the program announcement from 2013: This program is really two grants in one: (1) up to $500K for Data Driven Networking Research for the Campus and Researcher (what we got), and (2) up to $1M for Network Integration and Applied Innovation. The latter is more a faculty-driven proposal.

We were the only proposal in Texas funded in 2012, but last year there were two proposals funded in Texas: (1) UH with Rice, and (2) Texas A&M Corpus Christie. Terry Tatum, CIO at TAMU-CC who was formerly at UT-Austin for many years and also went with Clair to UA - Birmingham, told me that his proposal was focused on the ScienceDMZ and research networking on campus.

Our proposal is bringing up a 100G from CS to Houston, connection to the Internet2 Advanced Layer 2 Services (AL2S) network and the I2 100G layer 3 network in Houston, 100G connection to our ScienceDMZ, and 10G connections to the ScienceDMZ to all the PIs that wrote us a letter of support (these are in the proposal). It certainly cost us considerably more than $500K to all that we proposed, but every little bit helps. We were also awarded a GENI rack for networking research that shows up this month.

While you might not think the 100G is appropriate today, meeting with potential big data researchers and seeing if their needs support building a ScienceDMZ might be a good thing for you.


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