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Hi everyone,

It seems to us at Reed that General Audit Tool (, free for higher ed) is pretty much the only game in town when it comes to auditing Google Apps.  Our initial interest stemmed from having a desire to get data on how many and which Google Docs are being shared with the world...

GAT requires full access to the Apps instance.  They promise to only ever gather metadata, and that even the metadata they collect will be deleted after some period of time.

Anyone have positive or negative thoughts on GAT that you'd like to share?  Are you using something other than GAT for auditing?

Just looking for some feedback as we consider jumping in...

Many thanks,

Director, Computer User Services
Reed College
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Thanks for putting this out there. Hopefully, we'll see some flow Monday morning.  (It's often hard to get responses late friday through the weekend.  Most of the folks on the CIO list tune out during that period --- unlike staunch Reedies who are connected 24x7 :-).  


Hi Tony/Everyone, 

General Audit looks very promising, particularly given the price.  We’ve used CloudLock, ( and it does a great job—seems to me they have similar features.  It might serve as a good comparison.  

-Nathan Phillips

(Tony, we are just down the road from you…I ask our CloudLock admin to shoot you an email with more details).

Nathan Phillips, Ph.D.
Center for Learning and Technology
Marylhurst University
Marylhurst, Oregon

CloudLock is what we are about to put in place.  Not free, but a good tool.