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It is a good time to remind everyone about list guidelines. 

Please let me know if you have ideas for making this list - or another CIO venue - more responsive to your needs.

EDUCAUSE sponsors over 30 discussion groups.

You can review the list at:

before posting; there may be a focused list that will yield better response.  Also, archives of discussions are recorded there, and you may want to check to see if your topic was recently discussed before you post to the list.

The constituent group program participation guidelines on announcements and promotions reads:


Members may occasionally use Constituent and Discussion Groups for announcements of noncommercial conferences, publications, and other resources of general interest to other subscribers. The subject line should clearly identify the topic of the message; the message body should be kept short and should contain contact information for more details. The preferred medium for announcements of conferences is the EDUCAUSE Events Calendar.


Endorsements are acceptable if made in the context of a request for information or sharing of an experience. When the endorsement comes from a representative of a corporate member, any mention of company products or services should be in the context of a reasonable answer to a question posed by another subscriber and should not be blatantly commercial; such postings should include the identifying signature of the person posting the message.

Promotional Messages and Advertising

EDUCAUSE Constituent and Discussion Groups are educational in nature and not intended for promotional announcements, advertising, product-related press releases, or other commercial use. Please note that unsolicited commercial communications to constituent group participants as a result of postings to a Constituent or Discussion list violate the promotional messages and advertising provisions of these guidelines and may result in the loss of access to the listserv in question.

VENDORS:  My personal experience is that CIOs and directors do not appreciate being publicly or privately approached about products based on messages posted on the list.  If fact, such contacts may work against you in your effort to connect with CIOs and directors about your products and services.  Many of us have guidelines and policies we have to follow for all vendor contacts.  If you want ideas on how to reach out to CIOs about products and services, Educause can help, or I am happy to talk to you privately off the list.

Thank you.

Best wishes,

Theresa Rowe
Chief Information Officer
Oakland University
********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at



In SUNY we have elected to not allow vendors to subscribe to lists due in part to this problem.  Second is that institutions can find their negotiations and ability to seek input from others compromised by vendor participation on the list.

I am not suggesting removing vendors from this list.  My comment is strictly aimed at focusing attention to the drawbacks of their presence here.


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