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We are a Gmail school (faculty/staff/students) and are tossing around the idea of signing up for Google+.  Any words of wisdom?

Harriet Gold
Lindsey Wilson College
Columbia, KY 
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Make sure the contract bundles the technologies (mail, +, etc.) with the appropriate legal protections. Among the regulatory privacy laws, be sure FERPA is addressed properly. Then map the technology to institutional information policy in user education. Once you do this task, a next step is to map all of the enterprise technologies with mission-driven use cases (i.e. teaching and learning, research, service and outreach) with information policy rules and guidance as a quick and easy reference for different constituencies around campus. For example, faculty wanting to use shared documents are advised to use X technology (because behind the scenes you know the contract includes FERPA protection); or, medical school faculty looking for storage and dynamic document sharing may use Y (because behind the scenes you know the contract promises HIPAA standards); or, in the negative, faculty who work with information that falls under export control data rules may not use Z for storage or dynamic documentation (because behind the scenes you know that this protection is not in the contract). Students may use A, but must abide by both enterprise Terms of Service as well as all institutional policy (which should catch copyright infringement and security issues). And so on ... Just a thought offered as a way of connecting cloud (enterprise or not) technologies to law, policy and user experience in our complex environments. Tracy