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I am interested in how Google Apps institutions are dealing with the issue of Blogger and Google Sites for campus use.

Who do you allow to create Blogs and Google Sites? Do you provide branding and templates for these tools to your users? Do you have a web policy that addresses the use of these Google Apps ?

Wole Akpose,
Morgan State University
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We allow all faculty, staff, and students to create blogs and sites. Since we have allowed all faculty, staff, and students to create web sites for at least eighteen years, allowing blogs and Google Sites was not an issue.

We do not yet provide branded templates, but that is under active discussion. We have policies controlling the use of the university logo.

Beyond branding, use is governed by our Policy on the Ethical Use of Computers.
Associate Provost for Technology & Information Systems
Wake Forest University


    We allow all users to create Google Sites and are allowed to share these sites outside the College as well as make them public (settings for the domain in control panel). We activated many of the other consumer apps such as blogger and have communicated to the users that these are governed by different EULA and that they should use these apps at their own discretion.

    We do not provide any templates for the sites except in one case. We have created a template called "Google LMS" which is available to any faculty who wants to use this for their class instead of Sakai. This brings together many of the Google Apps tools such as Sites, Groups, Docs and Calendar. This is automatically created including the access for those enrolled in the class.

-- Ravi
CIO, Wellesley College
Google Voice - 860-631-RAVI

All:  At Midland University we approach things very much as Wellesley College and Wake Forest University do.  We recently enabled Google+ for our domain. 

We have created many different groups as a foundation for communication and to facilitate "sharing" of sites, docs, calendars, and other apps.  These groups are automatically maintained based on data from our ERP, and include groups for courses, advisor/advisees, class year, etc.  This is an element of our DR/BC strategy.

Our help desk manager did a nice job with a Google Site as ePortfolio.  I found that concept especially appealing.

We have not designed any standard templates, but I am considering sponsoring a contest with cash prizes for MidlandU-themed templates/themes to cover individual sites, departmental sites, student organization/committee/project sites, and Google forms.  The winning templates would become our standard templates.  Once we have standard templates in place I would intend to implement a guideline that any site that wants to be linked from the main university site or from the university intranet would need to use one of the standard templates. 

Wole:  I have contemplated doing a "Google LMS" template as well, but other priorities have prevailed.  Are you willing to share your template?  How do you handle gradebook functionality?

Ken Clipperton
Director of Information Technology
Midland University

Thanks to all who weighed in on this subject. While there were only three responses, all seems to have  an open access policy on sites and blogs - with clear policy on use of University logo.

Ken - We have not developed templates at Morgan either, and Wellesley is well ahead of us with their Google LMS plans. We are a Blackboard Learn school with no immediate plans to change directions.

I still look forward to more response on this topic from Google Apps schools in particular.

Wole Akpose, 

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