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The staff in our HPC center is undertaking a due diligence assessment of high-performance storage systems to be used for home and scratch space.  We currently have a four-head NetApp 3070 storage system with approximately 35TB of useable space.  The biggest problem we are having with this system is the lack of user-level quotas in the current storage OS.  Our home and scratch space easily fills to 100% capacity which typically causes a complete disruption of our clusters.  We are currently looking at storage solutions from NetApp, Isilon, HP, Panasas and Compellent.  With the need to process increasingly larger datasets (1 TB or more per job) coming mostly from our sequencing facilities, we are looking for affordable storage with high availability.


If you (or someone supporting high-performance storage at your institution) could share any information related to the questions below, it would be greatly appreciated:


1.       What high-performance storage vendor(s) and models are you currently using for your HPC clusters?

2.       How much high-performance storage capacity do you have?

3.       Not including personnel costs, what is approximate cost per terabyte of storage?

4.       How many FTE positions are currently supporting your storage system?

5.       What were the key factors in your decision to select your storage solution?


Any other pertinent information that you want share about your high-performance storage solution and your experiences with it (good or bad) would be greatly appreciated. 




Lynn Wilson


Lynn Latimer Wilson, PMP, SSBB

Enterprise Information Technology Services

University of Georgia

178 Boyd Graduate Research Center

Athens, GA 30602

Phone:  706-542-0723



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