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The Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center is about to begin looking at identity and access management systems to deploy for use throughout our institution.  As part of our pre-planning, we are soliciting feedback from other institutions about the systems they have implemented to manage user identity, provision accounts, manage user access to your various systems, etc.  If possible, please take a few minutes to answer the following questions.


1.      What systems have you implemented for the management of user identity, provisioning of accounts and management of user access to your various systems?

2.      Are you satisfied with the systems you have implemented, or are you looking to replace any of them in the future?

3.      Have you found these systems to be scalable to the needs of your institution?

4.      Approximately how many users do you support with these systems?

5.      What besides identity management, account provisioning and access management are you using these system for?

6.      Support

a.      Are you satisfied with the support you are receiving for the systems you have in place?

b.      How many FTE do you have supporting each system?

7.      Have you found any drawbacks or limitations with these systems?

8.      Are these systems integrated with any other systems at your institution?

9.      Please feel free to share any other comments you may have.


Please send your responses to and/or


Thank you for your time and assistance with this endeavor!  It is greatly appreciated. We’ll be glad to summarize the responses and post back to the list.


Kay Rhodes  
Associate Vice Chancellor, System CIO

Office of the CIO

Texas Tech University System

(806) 742-5170
(806) 742-5168 fax


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