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I’m in the process of conducting an IT Assessment for a multi-campus community college district.  We have typically been soloed regarding IT organizational structures, decision making and governance.  We are focused on a centralized model to improve efficiency, effectiveness and collaboration. 

If anyone can provide me with examples of governance structures, IT organizational structures and/or articles that would be very helpful. 


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There are a lot of good multi-campus collaboration out there and I’m sure you’ll get good feedback on a few. Here are a couple of good sites  from clients that we’ve worked with….


Take a look at this link:


The Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) did a centralized SIS project and this document was their lan for how to manage a centralized resource with campus (7 campuses) participation in governance. Ignore the SIS stuff and think in broader terms about any shared IT service.


Also look at the Colleges of the Fenway, a consortium of independent schools who collaborate on a wide range of shared services (some IT, but many other non-IT). They have some good ideas for collaboration: and they have a nice links page of related information


Both of these multi-campus institutions have done some great thinking and even better hard work!



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There is the following book that you can reference:

Jim Dutcher

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Thanks Jim.  I appreciate the tip.


Dick Hol


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There is the following book that you can reference:




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You may also want to address this to the Distributed Technology Support Constituent Group.  Some of the folks in that group  may have resources of interest.


We have two shared services structures here in the BC, Dick.  We have a provincial consortium including most of the Post-Secondary colleges and universities. You can see the functions of this group, which have varying interests and systems.


In addition, there are a group of 8 Datatel Colleague schools here that also have a shared services structure, and in fact 6 are hosted at one physical site and supported by an external service group.


I am not sure from your message which might match your situation, or whether some of each might.  Please contact me directly for more discussion, if you are interested.


Ian McLeod, CCP, I.S.P., ITCP

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