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Hi All,


We are going through a reorganization of our IT division and along with that we would like to do a skill evaluation of our technical staff.  We  intend to create a professional development plan for each individual based on the current skill level.


Anyone done anything similar,   are you willing to share your approach/methodology/templates/insights with us.


Thank you






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Hi Spalding,


Before the College of Engineering at the University of Arizona laid me off in 2009, I was trying to reshape the IT staff Performance Appraisals (PAs) after PAs done in a different IT unit across campus (I’ve made the PS docs available at  Each PA has a custom development plan that the supervisor and employee develop.  I believe in holistically staff develop; 360 reviews, professional development, etc.  An insight I can offer is, people only move out of their comfort zone when they are uncomfortable; sometimes supervisors have to make employees uncomfortable so they don’t stagnate.


If you, or anyone else, have questions about the PAs, call or drop me an email.




Eric Case, CISSP

eric (at) ericcase (dot) com

(520) 344-CISO (2476)


This is a topic of high interest to me as well.  We’re about to undertake a similar process at UAB---would love to see what others have done already!




Heather Maddox White, MBA
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University of Alabama at Birmingham
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