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I am looking for best-in-class / successful examples of integration of libraries, open computer labs, tutoring services (incl. Math lab, writing lab, reading lab etc..) into a common learning area on campus.

I am especially interested in examples that co-locate or integrate DevEd and GenEd services, classrooms, learning spaces, etc…

If you have such a successful example at your institution, or know of one in the US, please kindly share with me offline or online.

Thank you in advance,



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Hi, Cyrille.  We have an example at Colorado College (just a few miles away from you) this might be of interest.  A few years ago we created a "learning commons" space in the library at CC that provides our students with many of the services you list below.  The project was intended to be a pilot for a new or renovated library space.


Please let me know if you would like to visit (I'm assuming you haven't seen it already).




Randall J. Stiles, Ph.D.

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Colorado College


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