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As many of you pack up for travels to what looks to be a truly innovative and outstanding EDUCAUSE conference in Denver (or via the online program), James Hilton and I offer some airplane reading in follow up to Theresa's recent post.

This summer, we gave some thought to the lessons from the last decade of contracts and communities, and more importantly, what may matter as we look ahead to a decade of demand aggregation (e.g., I2's Net+), cloud/contracts, open source, and community source approaches.  We argue that we essentially make tacit or explicit choices in blends of Influence and Authority, and each combination has different benefits and challenges.

The Nov/Dec 2012 Educause Review article is at:

We are a broad community with a vibrant marketplace of ideas, and we hope the Marketecture Matrix contributes to our conversation on the paths before us.

--Brad Wheeler, CIO
Indiana University

--James Hilton, CIO
University of Virginia
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