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Our faculty will be getting their new leased laptops this summer.  Our leasing program is for 3 years.  We currently are using Windows 7 campus wide.  Have any of you made the jump to Windows 8?  At this point no one is requesting Windows 8 but I'm not sure we should stay with Windows 7 for another 3 years.  All thoughts are greatly appreciated. 
Thank you.
Kevin G. Sebolt
Director, Office of Information Technology
Franciscan University of Steubenville
1235 University Blvd. Steubenville, Ohio 43952-1763
Phone:  740-284-5192
Fax:      740-284-7228
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We have no plans of moving to Windows 8 in the near or distant future.  Given the challenges of its initial release and the fact that 8.1 was just released I’m  not eager to jump .

If you decide to move forward with Window’s 8  what are your end user training plans?   In our testing the end user experience is significantly different and will require extensive end user training and support resources.  In my view Windows 8 is as Vista was to Windows 7. 


Scott Crow
Director of Information Technology

6832 Convent Blvd.
Sylvania, OH 43560
Direct: 419-824-3938






We are planning our migration to Windows 8, it has proven to be a very stable operating system, it really can’t be compared to Vista. Every one of us has to be training all of the time, whether it’s a  new Office suite or a new Adobe suite, training is always part of our responsibility.  The capabilities gained by running Windows 8 both for the user and the service teams far out way the cost or trouble with training.

In answer to your question Kevin I highly recommend shipping with Windows 8, especially if you are looking at Office 365 and/or sky drive. I would also highly recommend touch capability on the laptops, that is where Windows 8 really excels and with touch the user learning curve almost disappears.






Russell Beard

Vice President of Information Resources

Phone: 425.564.4201




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The 8.1 update to Windows 8 addresses some of the UI preferences that many Windows users still desire. It is a particularly disruptive update, requiring a re-install of many of the applications programs, including Office 2013 and all Adobe products. The upgrade is fine, as is the case in all X.1 versions of Microsoft products, but end users will be disconcerted if they do it themselves with university-licensed software needing re-install.

Rick Bauer, Managing Director, Technology
Open Networking Foundation

This summer we did some initial testing and decided not to move to Windows 8 this academic year.  Russ, you are right that training is part of what we do every day but, we need additional time (probably this summer) for discovery of actual training requirements for the different constituent groups.  Also,  textbook and publisher concerns will have to be re-examined.




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neglected to add a cheat sheet that underscores this, many of you probably already know about it....

Rick Bauer, Managing Director, Technology
Open Networking Foundation

We installed Win8 on all new computers deployed this summer. We provide laptops for students and faculty, and laptops or desktops to staff.

We are curently running specific labs on our campus with windows 8 for curriculum requirements.  We have a Microsoft academy which impacts when we leap forward in some classroom environments.   We are  using MS surface systems in some curriculum and although 81 was released recently I have to agree it is far more stable then Vista.  After test driving vista we held on placing it in any enviroment on our campus for two years and then only placed it in the IT Academic side for one semster before moving to Win 7.  We are assessing when to move forward with 8 in other areas wiht the realization that students will start to adopt more 8.1 based systems as the year progresses.  We do not feel the push to immediately spread 8 and therefore we are looking at it from a device replacement, software compatibility, apps adoption and touch vs non-touch standpoint, .We are keeping an eye on where Microsoft is headed with their subscription base as well.  We will not be pushing it to non-IT academic faculty/staff  before July 2014.


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