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Two more interesting themes at the Educause Conference this fall are mobility and BYOD.  There was much discussion about these themes in our summer Top 10 Issues.  Merit Network, here in Michigan, recently sponsored a BYOD day, and we found that the audience blended these two themes into one discussion realm.  Some conference items you may find interesting, from a variety of perspectives, follow, but this is just a partial list - note that mobility is one of the searchable themes.

There is an Unconference on BYOD within the conference on Thursday at 1:30 PM.  Discussion topics are being crowd-sourced now on Twitter using hashtag #E12_SESS169.


Seminar 03P - Designing Mobile Learning:  A Game to Apply UCD in Learning Mobile Interfaces (separate registration)
Seminar 08A - Lost and Found in the Wonderland of Mobile Learning (separate registration)

1:00  ACTI Mobile Web Frameworks Working Group Meeting


10:30 BYOD:  Short-Term Gain without Long-Term Pain?

11:40 ACTI-MWF Presents a Higher Education Guide to Mobile Web Frameworks and Strategies

11:40 Mobility Through the Looking Glass:  Taming Chaos in a Wireless Wonderland

11:40 Online Education and BYOD Now:  Your Network, Your Students, Your Responsibility

1:30 Beyond E-Textbooks:  Writing Mobile Webapps for the Liberal Arts

2:30  Strategies for Personalized Mobile Applications: Making Choices That Will Last

3:40 Seton Hall Takes Education Innovation to a New Level with Mobile Technology


8:00   The Next Phase of Mobility: Connecting the Enterprise

9:10  Mobile Technologies Discussion Session

1:30  BYOD Unconference

4:30  Jasig uMobile: A Mature Open-Source Platform Delivers Personalized Mobile Campus Services  

4:30  Media Delivery to Support BYOD

5:30 How Embry-Riddle Successfully, Affordably, and Painlessly Launched Its Mobile App with ERP and LMS integration


8:00  Expanding the Newly Responsive Mobile Web Framework beyond UC to Promote Teaching, Research, and Innovation

8:00  Mobile Language Learning

Theresa Rowe
Chief Information Officer
Oakland University
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