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Andrew Bonamici reminded me that Debi Allison posted this excellent governance framework a while back -

Subject: Re: IT Governance Charter
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Date:Thu, 1 Jul 2010 10:54:39 -0400

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A follow-up to my initial posting following a question posed to me privately about our Provost heading our IT Strategic Advisory Council. Yes, it is a bit unconventional that the Provost leads our IT Strategic Advisory Council. It has, however, been a key success factor. We talk all the time here about how the prioritization issues aren't decisions that should be made by IT.these are university-wide decisions. Having the Provost as chair emphasizes this, encourages attendance at meetings, elevates the discussion, and helps create an executive advocate for IT in addition to the CIO. The council was created at the president's request, and is advisory to him as well as the CIO. I don't think this would work in all situations. You need a Provost who has the interest in and understands the strategic contribution of IT in higher ed. If our Provost didn't have that, I think it would be risky to have him in this role. For us, it has been tremendously effective and I recommend that it be considered. By letting go of some of the control, you stand to gain a great deal in return. Of course, I strategize with the Provost in advance of the meetings regarding agenda items and ways to deal with potentially contentious issues. We sometimes decide to invite additional faculty to the meeting, if the issue warrants (recently, a discussion about whether to select an open source solution for our LMS was such an instance; the council recommended Sakai which was endorsed by the president and executive council). From a practical standpoint, it is helpful to me that I am not in the chair role when it comes time to give my view on certain issues. I can provide those points without contaminating the role of chair to insure that fair discussion takes place. Regards, Debi Debra Allison Interim Vice President for Information Technology Miami University Oxford, OH  45056 [log in to unmask]