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                Ringling College is looking at taking the big step and moving to a one card system. The main motivator is access control on campus. Currently we have some Blackboard and another key fob system that was installed by our local locksmith company. We wanted to see if anyone has gone through a selection process lately and would be willing to share their RFP. Also, if anyone has a good list of possible vendors that would help.




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Hi all, Does anyone at a public university have experience with setting policy about virtual full-time faculty? I'm talking about tenured faculty who are hired to just teach online and live at a distance, perhaps in another state. Good teaching is not the issue or problem here, nor are adjunct faculty who are only teaching. I'm interested in how full time faculty can manage full engagement with a university and community and research demands while living at a distance. Technology is not the issue either. We already use the full range of video-conferencing and virtual worlds for committee meetings. The main issue seems to me to be equity in access to one another. Much university business is done informally and fortuitously outside of meetings. In developing guidelines, would you limit a distant status to more senior faculty who already know the culture and colleagues? Would you make travel requirements to come to campus to participate in person regularly? How do you ensure that older, non-technological on-campus faculty will get to know distant faculty and participate in virtual meetings? What are some of the other issues for service and research? We are a research, doctoral granting university of about 20,000 students if that helps any, and are just starting to talk about this. Being unionized adds another wrinkle in that we can not easily (if at all) alter faculty classifications. Thanks, Cathy -- Catheryn Cheal, PhD Assistant Vice President of e-Learning and Instructional Support Oakland University Suite 370 Kresge Library email: phone: 248-370-4566 ********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at

Did you ever get any responses on your question about the one card system