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For those of you who have a mobile strategy, have you determined which mobile apps are more popular on your campus?


Are their mobile apps which get used more than others?

Are their apps which get surprising little use?

Are their apps which get surprisingly more use?

Which apps have you developed beyond the standard News, Events, Dining, Transportation, Course List, etc.


DP Harris, Phd—Vice President/CIO

LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY | Information Services


11139 Anderson Street, Loma Linda, California 92350

(909) 558-7600

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I'm CEO of campusM we provide mobile apps & web apps to the education sector.

In my experience the popular apps are students schedules for courses and exams, also integration with LMSs to provide results and off-line content. Also push notifications to inform students to changes to schedules and announcements.

Our platform also allows customers to create new apps alongside out-of-the-box apps and the popular apps that have been developed are laundromat apps informing students when the washing or drying is complete, or when a laundry machaine is available, also bus schedules and locations of buses on routes, also bike availability (bike sharing schemes).

Some of these are available from our demo app:

We have an analytics engine which is collecting all this data and we are planning to produce a usage report in the summer - I can send you this if you like.

Hope that helps.