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We've experienced several issues with our datacenter provider, most recently yesterday afternoon when one of their engineers accidentally overwrote several of our virtual machines including our Datatel servers.  The latest backup was at 3AM and we lost an entire day's worth of transactions right in the middle of Fall add/drop.  This is after one of their engineers made changes without authorization to our firewall over last weekend that blocked our connection to Datatel
Needless to say, I suddenly find myself in the market for a new datacenter solution.  I'm interested in hearing from any of you with positive experiences using providers for your high availability applications.  Thanks!
Scott Ciliberti, Chief Information Officer
Enterprise Technology Services
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San Francisco, CA 94105
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We use SunGard Availability Services  to host and manage our Oracle eBusiness system and our web servers.  We use CederCrestone to host and mange our Peoplesoft Campus Solutions system, which is located in the SunGard facility.  We have been using SunGard for 4 years now and are satisfied with the service they provide.  We are in process of implementing Campus Solutions and have been working with CedarCrestone for about a year and are not yet in a production mode, but so far it has been a favorable experience.   We utilize Savvis for our Oracle Identity Management system in a PaaS model and have been very pleased with their support as well. 

Good luck. 

Cindy Bixler
Chief Information Officer 

Phone 386.226.7959