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We are beginning the process of evaluating Assessment Management Systems.   Such a system would support assessment of  Courses, Academic Programs, Administrative offices as well as co-curricular activities.


We are comparing our homegrown solution to LiveText and One45.  But are very aware that there are other systems that are out there.  Tk20 was just mentioned in a meeting.   I would like to hear what systems are being successfully used for Assessment Management in other universities.   Which solutions have been well adopted on campus.  Does anyone have a requirements list that they have generated?


Thanks.  I will gladly summarize for the group. (I will sanitize critical comments, though.)


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Not sure if applicable…but take a look at Taskstream – couple of our schools have used it for several years with success and we just signed agreement to move it university wide


I’ll second the TaskStream suggestion.  Our College of Education had already been down the road of sorrow with TK20 and LiveText when we decided to select a campus-wide tool that would also meet COE needs.


After evaluating 12 products (I think it was in 2009), we narrowed it down to Blackboard Outcomes and TaskStream.  3 years after starting our implementation with TaskStream we have every academic program (graduate and undergraduate) as well as every office submitting evidence of assessment in TaskStream.  The challenges have almost exclusively been with the non-it folks here on campus not understanding or wanting to spend the time to do assessment.  We have had good support of the product, and excellent help setting it up initially and teaching us their product.


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