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In a campus computer domain, there are usually other people who technically have the ability to access your computer, even though they may never do so. Support technicians may ask a user to grant temporary access (either over the network or in person in the office) to a computer to fix a problem. For the time that the support tech is working, he or she has the same level of access as the computer’s owner. How does this affect computers where sensitive identifiable research data resides? Our IRB Chair says that they need to understand who will potentially have access to this data. How have other universities approached this question?


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Where we have this issue is with some dept of ed data sets where we put the data set on an external disk. The Dept of Ed requires the computer be disconnected from the Internet when using the data set.

We have also worked with faculty on other data sets where we have them encrypted with a second token, windows 7 does this pretty well.