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Hello, all!  Is anyone successfully using satellite-based Internet service?  We’re looking at a site for student housing (around 20 students) that is beyond the reach of our local cable company.  The telephone company can only get low-grade DSL in there, also due to distance.  So the satellite idea came up.  Thoughts, anyone?






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Good afternoon - 

Latency on Satellite connections is rather long.  Total round-trip communications time can be over 1 second.  For residents, this will be an unacceptable level of service.  They like to play online games and live media streaming.  Latency will greatly impact this activity in a negative way.

My suggestion would be some sort of terrestrial wireless service such as WiFi, WiMAX, or cellular data.

Good luck!  Rural networking sure can be a pain!
Pete Hoffswell - Network Manager

I'm not sure if this would be a concern for students...but a few of our staff that have satellite connections have real problems accessing our portal and ERP (Banner) because of the latency issue.


RUN, don't walk, from Satellite internet.

The latency is horrendous
no device on the LAN side will "see" the internet - games, DVRs, etc.  No phone service will work.

When you "test" the connection using their testing tools - it is the link from your modem to their head end.  If you add the connection from their head end to the WWW - it gets ridiculous - but their already lousy SLA is to their head end.  

I just received an email about a class action suit about my former provider stiffing customers who tried to cancel.  

oh, and if you DO want to do it, I'll GIVE you my dish - you just pay shipping and handling....  ;)
Disclaimer - it is a little bent from me throwing it off the roof of my house.
Ron Walczak
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