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Dear Colleagues,

Please share this with faculty and staff at your institution who might be interested in attending the GIS conference at Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA in November.

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Bucknell University is seeking panelists and participants for a fall 2012 conference, "GIS & Spatial Thinking in the Undergraduate Curriculum"

  • What: Workshop on current challenges and emerging opportunities in GIS and spatial analysis in undergraduate teaching and research
  • When: November 16-18, 2012
  • Where: Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA
  • Who: Designed for Faculty and GIS/IT staff with an interest in using GIS for teaching and/or research in higher education. Although the workshop is oriented towards the undergraduate liberal arts curriculum, participants from any type of higher education institution are welcome and encouraged to attend. 
**Information on cost, registration & how to submit papers and posters is coming soon**

About the conference:

Bucknell University is hosting this conference to discuss and identify some of the current challenges and emerging opportunities in using GIS and spatial analysis in higher education teaching and research.   We expect the meeting to be a ‘problem-solving’ workshop wherein faculty specialists from various disciplines can share tools, methods and resources for integrating GIS and spatial analysis into their work and GIS/IT staff can learn about the discipline-specific 'spatial' needs and goals of faculty.

Desired outcomes from the workshop include: (1) providing mutual support for imaginative and challenging applications of spatial technology in undergraduate education; (2) fostering potential collaborative efforts between and within participant schools, such as joint research initiatives and/or shared resources for data, web maps and teaching materials, and; (3) creating a regional community of faculty & GIS/IT staff to interact on a regular basis, share information, and exchange ideas about the priorities identified during the workshop.

Tentative sessions include: (1) Quantitative Analysis & Scientific/Technical Applications of GIS; (2) Mapping Human Activity - Qualitative Analysis with GIS; (3) GIS in Pedagogy; (4) GIS in Higher Education Outreach & Service Learning; and (5) Software & Data Issues in GIS Instruction

Hosted by Bucknell University, Library & IT Division



Param Bedi

Vice President

Library and Information Technology

Bucknell University

(o) 570-577-1557

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