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Greetings!  I was wondering if someone could point me to some good sources for Service Level Agreements for units/departments/areas so semi-autonomous unites.  These are areas that not directly under central IT for support but they do receive various services (Internet, ERP system access, print and file server, print quotas, phone, etc.).  They may do their own IT procurement or even have their own IT support staff.  Since the funding and support model for these areas is much different from the majority of IT customers we support I would imagine that the SLA covering these entities would differ from our the SLAs with groups having tighter links to IT.  I have a high level MOU in place but we really need to tease out the details of our support arrangement through SLAs.  



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Hello Curtis,

You may also want to consider posting this to the EDUCAUSE Distributed Technology Support Constituent Group list.  They might have some great insights there for you as well.


Good suggestion Al.  I will do that.