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We’re planning an inauguration for our first new president in almost 20 years.  The guest list will be large, and we are likely to have multiple overflow rooms on campus to which we’ll need to stream the proceedings.  Once before we streamed to an overflow room using skype, but the quality was not acceptable.  I would appreciate your suggestions for providing a good quality experience for those who cannot fit in the main auditorium.  We might have a limited budget for this, or not.  The rooms all have projectors/computers, so a steaming solution is the main issue.


Thanks much


Richard Hiers
Director of IT Services
Covenant Theological Seminary
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At my previous institution we used Amazon Cloud Services which was very successful. 



F. X. Moore III Ph.D.
Associate Provost and CIO: Information and Technology Services 
Pacific Lutheran University
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Hi all

We use the ustream paid service.

Andres Holguin Coral
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Universidad de Los Andes
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At my previous institution we used Stretch Internet. Initially it was just for athletics but then they offered a nice option for campus events.

Greg Smith
Chief Information Officer
Missouri University of Science and Technology

Hey Richard,


We’ve used Livestream for a couple of years now. Low cost, great quality.


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Bobby L. Flack, MBA, CCP

Chief Information Officer




We too have used LiveStream and have been pleased with it.

-- Scott


Good afternoon. Thanks for asking about streaming.

Furman had a presidential inauguration back in 2010. We were all set to use Ustream, multiple cameras, video switcher, and all necessary network connections and crew. Come the day of the event, Ustream worked right up through the procession in of all the dignitaries, and then stopped. Don't know why, don't know what happened. It wasn't on our end. We scrambled, and wound up streaming from an iPhone (yours truly holding the iPhone throughout the event.)

Since then we've used LiveStream. Used it with multiple cameras for every commencement since, and special events as well. We'll probably be use it for our next Presidential inauguration, too (our new interim president started yesterday.)

Good luck with your choice, and thanks for the opportunity to share a story my staff can look back on and laugh about now.


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We too have used LiveStream and have been pleased with it.

-- Scott

Richard, we recently used CollegeTVTicket to stream our commencement and it went very well.  The quality of the video was good and we did not have any interruptions during the event.


We purchased our own equipment to capture the footage and send the stream to CollegeTVTicket.  Here is a link to some of the videos we have streamed with CollegeTVTicket.


Our Marketing and Communications group contracted with the vendor to provide live streaming for commencement.


Let me know if you have any questions about the equipment we used to capture the video stream.