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All, The University of Georgia is currently reviewing its student technology fee program. Specifically, we are considering moving, over time, to a model that includes competitive proposals/awards. Do any of your institutions have such a model and are willing to share it? If several are shared, I will summarize and report back to list. Many thanks, Alan Alan Katz Director of Finance and Business Services OCIO/EITS, The University of Georgia 480 E. Broad Street, Suite 201-D Athens GA 30602 706-410-7726 (c) ********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at


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Alan (and all),


We have a competitive award program at Miami University with student tech fee revenue as the source of the awards.  Details are here:  and


This process has been in place four years.  Our Student Technology Advisory Group is involved in making the awards, as are faculty.


If you want further information, I can put you in touch with someone on our staff.






Debra Allison

Vice President for Information Technology and CIO

Miami University

Oxford, OH  45056


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“The best way to influence a culture is to promote change from within.”  Hanna Gray, President, University of Chicago, 1978-1993





We have something along the lines of what you describe.  

This page details our local guidelines for the implementation of a SUNY U-wide program.  The SUNY Student Computer Access Program (SCAP) has been transformed into a different type of system level competitive grant program.  However, we are planning to use local tech fee funds to continue something on our campus similar to what we did under SCAP.

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