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Dear All,

          We are looking for advice. We are currently experimenting with several technologies to automate business process in different business areas, and we need advice and tips from those who had successful implementations. Currently, we have developed the following:

- For students: 
  - Drop/add classes after drop deadline with approval from students instructor, advisor, department chair and registrar. This kind of workflow was done by integrating Drupal (open source CMS) with Banner for Student info and LDAP for centralized authentication. 

- For staff:
  - Events management to manage hall/venue reservation. A successful integration between Drupal and AdAstra has been done, and looking for SAP integration to automate the financial loop as well. 
  - HR forms such as job requisition etc.. with basic workflow.

          So we are still taking our first steps in this domain and I was looking for advice and tips form institutions who had successful implementations. I would be interested in your feedback on any of the following:
- Platforms/technologies used.
- Business model (in house, outsourced).
- Software model: Built from scratch, customized product, or SaaS.
- Which applications did you attempt to integrate (AdAstra, Banner, SAP, etc)? Which attempts were successful?
- Lessons learned and Do's and Don't.


Best Regards,
Marmina Abdel-Malek
The American University in Cairo
Tel : +202-2615-3561
Fax: +202-2797-4909
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