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Dear Colleagues, On a regular basis, Pepperdine's undergraduate dean's office plows through tons of printed material from prospective teachers (e.g. application, confidential letters of recommendation, etc). Our dean's office would like to streamline this tedious and manual process of compiling all the paperwork. While there's ePortfolio solutions for students, is there a similar solution for prospective teachers? The goal is for the prospective teachers to manage and upload their dossiers so that my dean's office can easily go through. I am looking at Interfolio ( Does anyone have any experience with this solution? Do you use another like-solution and what might that be? Welcome your input. Best, Jonathan --- Jonathan See Chief Information Officer Pepperdine University ********** Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at


Jonathan, It's been a few years since I've worked with Interfolio, but was pleased with both the product and the company at that time. Happy to discuss with you and you can contact me off list. Gloria ========================= Gloria M. Barlow Chief Information Officer Wilkes University Phone 570 408 4440 Wilkes ITS will never ask for passwords or personal information in email. THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK!!
Jonathan- We're doing a trial with Interfolio now (for faculty position applications, not credentialing) and are very happy with the results so far. Marty Sent from my iPad Martin Ringle, Chief Technology Officer Reed College, Portland, OR 97202 503-777-7254