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We have been informed by our Physical Plant that they need to shut down the server room AC for 6-7 hours for some repairs.  They don't think the temperature is that big of a factor any more.  Would some of you please tell me at what temperature level do you declare an emergency and shut down all servers in the server room?


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We have redundant systems and have not yet declared emergency and shut down server do to temperature. Our server room temp is kept at 68 – 70 degrees constantly


BUT we would start to shut down servers if the room temperature went above 80 degrees.


In our environment 80 degree room temperature has inside rack temp 15+ degrees higher and server temp even higher yet




Todd Jagerson






We monitor our temperatures using sensors built into our UPS units. Once the ambient temperature hits about 100 Fahrenheit, it will send out shut down commands to our servers. It takes our server room approximately 30 to 45 minutes to hit this temperature without A/C.


Kevin Walters

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Depending on the manufacturer of your equipment, short periods of sustained temps of 95 degrees can be 'okay'.

Anything beyond a short period of time will result in a shortened life expectancy for your equipment.

However, if you have no venting capability or any move-n-cool units, your temps will rise to a point where equipment may automatically start shutting down or have a hardware failure.  If systems fail, payroll may be affected.  This can be an incentive for support from your facilities department.  :-)

Whenever we have planned outages, we ask our facilities department to provide alternative venting and cooling methods.  This is not an unreasonable request.

However, with this said, we have purchased our own move-n-cool units because facilities may not have equipment available during emergency situations.

Hope this helps.


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Re: [CIO] FW: [CIO] Temperature limits in server room We use the limits posted by manufactures so as not to void warranties etc. For a Cisco Catalyst 6500 they recommend the following:

Ensure that the system is operating in an environment no colder than 50°F (10°C) or hotter than 95°F (35°C).

We look for the gear with the lowest limit, for us it is our two 6500’s

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