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Thank all of you who responded to my question about anticipating a technology or technology event coming to campus this fall that might catch us off guard.


Remember the initial years of streaming music and video and how it killed out bandwidth or the major virus attracts that almost shut us down…It is the memories of those events that urges me to ask this question each August…Also, in August Beloit College, come out with its “Mindset List” which provides us with data about incoming students and what they “haven’t experienced” to help us with our perspective of the world in which we work -


The “That time of Year” discussion on the CIO list came up with some interesting observations and morphed into subsequent threads, first the “Delivery of Academic Software” discussion and then the “SGHE/Datatel merger” and most recently “Our Chessboard.”


The topics of the ERP merger and the general impact of large system software on campus seems to be something we all worry about and have little control over. This topic comes up each time a big technology acquisition occurs…..The one that has had a big impact on us was when IBM purchased SPSS…Wow....Just when we get faculty using the SPSS, in meaningful ways, the costs go through the roof…but that is old news.


The issues that came to light from the thread “That time of Year” that we might want to contemplate or anticipate in the weeks to come include:

·         The number of mobile devices per person our staff and networks need to support

·         The management and security of mobile devices that have access to institution data and how to protect those data.

·         The proliferation and support of unique software products including but not limited to “Apps”

·         How the institution can best (most effectively) communicate with students

·         Several issues specifically about Apple, release timing of new OS, institutional abilities for streamlined purchasing and a variety of support issues surrounding IPads.

·         Publishers supplying online materials that are LMS specific.

·         A variety of issues about the cloud (in general) and bandwidth; specifically new Google offerings, Netflix, X-Box, Facebook/Skype


I have tried to consolidate the wealth of contributions into some general kinds of concerns. Of these topics it seems like bandwidth, security, device management and resources needs all remain right there in front of us….


Good luck for the 2011-2012 academic year.






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Thanks, Rob, for triggering the worthwhile discussion and posting the summary back to the list.
I encourage everyone to consider the list as the fall semester unfolds, and to share your real-life experiences.

Best wishes,