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ICANN is about to allow the purchase and management of just about any possible TLD. It looks like the price is $185K plus about $25K/year.

Are other schools planning to jump in?  I would not be surprised that in a world of ".walmart" and ".amazon," there will be a great advantage in us being ".wfu."  But this is expensive.

I would love to hear what other schools are thinking.

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We have thought about it but the essence of what it appears you are applying for is to become a registrar for a given domain, the one you are applying for. Other can apply to be a member of that given domain and you become the one that controls such.  I wonder on what basis you might say "no" to someone.  Further, espite putting up the $185K you could be denied and receive none of the money back.  There is a kind of "if you withdraw by X time you will get some of it back" but there is no guarantee. Plus you have to pay something like $25K per year to retain the license.

Is there really an advantage to being ".Trinity", for example.  Thus, Admissions.trinity vs ""? Would you not have to license all possible third level domain names in addition tot he top level domain name or, for example, "admissions.trinity" could actually be another trinity?

What am I missing?


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